Surfing that perfect wave at dawn,
Skating on a beautiful sunny afternoon,
Snowboarding endless waist deep powder,
Building a Campfire under a clear night's sky,
Drifting from Nature to Civilization,
United by Wood,
Uniquely Shaped by Elements!


Driftwood floated around as an idea between 2 ambitious friends back in 2012, Yung June Choi and Steven Perrault. In 2013 Driftwood was born, offering a collection of accessories to the International Snowboard, Skateboard and Surf markets. 

Over the next couples years, Driftwood's Graphics and Marketing strategies positioned them as premier Binding Bag brand on the market. We collaborated with like-minded brands that helped fuel the explosion of Driftwood's popularity, D.O.P.E Industries and DUH BOLTS, 2 of Canada's Heaviest Hitters!

We currently provide a variety of Binding Bags as out major product of sale as well as other products including HoodWarmers, All Temp Snowboard & Ski Wax, Water-Proof Cell Phone pouches, Recycled Skateboard Jewelry/ Accessories and Apparel.

Our goal at Driftwood Canada is to deliver the highest quality products, goods and services at lowest possible cost to consumers while giving back and creating environments of confidence and progression within the Snowboard, Skateboard and Surf Communities!


Drift With Us!